The Importance of Prep Materials

In order to ensure the accuracy of interpreting and captioning services for your requests, we will ask you to provide certain materials ahead of time. These prep materials will help our interpreters and captioners get the proper context for their work.

What materials are useful?

Here’s a general list of useful materials that we’ll ask for you to provide us at least 48 hours before an event.

  • Event start and end times
  • Event location (i.e., physical address or virtual URL)
  • Run of show
  • List of presenter names and affiliations, acronyms, and proper nouns
  • Media files (e.g., slide decks, videos)
  • Prepared remarks (e.g., introductions, land acknowledgements, speeches)

What will happen with the materials I provide?

Materials will be used in a confidential manner, only for the purposes of preparing to interpret or caption your event.

Interpreters and captioners work under strict professional notions of confidentiality. We will not forward your materials along to anyone outside of our access team or publish your materials publicly.