Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of American cities – we should know, we are one! They make up the main streets of cities large and small and create unique shopping opportunities for neighborhood residents.

Do you have Deaf or hard-of-hearing patrons to your store? Here’s how we can help.

Case Study

We recently worked with a DC-based independent bookstore to make sure their book launches are accessible to the sizable Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in the Washington, DC metro area. First, we helped make sure the events were scheduled at a time when it would be easy to find interpreters. Then, we worked with store managers to pick a space that would offer the best sight lines for Deaf patrons to see the interpreters – after all, Deaf people listen with their eyes. Finally, we made sure their events were the right length so that we could schedule one interpreter and help save on cost.

The result was an increase in participation for the bookstore’s local Deaf community, without breaking the bank. We also partnered with the local interpreter education program to offer mentoring opportunities for up-and-coming professionals.

We Can Help

Ready to make your small business equally accessible in both American Sign Language and English? We offer free consulting services to all our clients to ensure that events are designed to maximize interpreting impact without being a big cost burden for your business. We can also, of course, provide stellar interpreting services that are sure to wow your customers.