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Get out of the office and engage with your customers. When you learn what they need from your organization, you'll be able to draw your roadmap to innovation.


Put your thinking cap on, grab some coffee, and start brainstorming. From obvious to crazy, you'll be surprised at how the "silliest" ideas can be some of the most engaging.


Pick an idea and try it out. Then try something else. The best solutions come about through quick cycles of build-test-learn, harnessing incremental successes to maximize innovation.

An Innovation Firm for Washington, DC

Kyle Duarte, PhD, is a Stanford-trained innovation guru with a passion for the nation's capital. Following the time-tested principles of Design Thinking, Kyle and his team can coach your organization through the processes of innovation and implementation. Along the way, you'll explore ideas that range from the obvious to the ridiculous, and discover how best to deliver on your customers' needs.

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