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We believe everyone deserves to learn, communicate, and become a contributing citizen, regardless of disability or language background.

Multilingual Design

Citizens contribute most fully to a productive society when they can best access its wealth of knowledge. Design thinking strategies allow tomorrow's successful innovators to learn and grow today from art to science to current affairs.

Interpretation & Translation

Communication is a fundamental human desire, connecting people across languages and cultures. When the world comes together, professional interpreters and translators make conversations fruitful.

Accessibility Consulting

Bring everyone to the table at your meeting or event. We can help you write a diversity and inclusion statement for your organization, then provide logistic support to make accessibility a reality.


The Kyle Duarte Company was founded in 2013 to promote enhanced communication with and within minority language communities, especially the Deaf community.
  • 2013

    We were born in 2013

    With a love for language, design, and world travel, Kyle Duarte set out to bring innovation in communication to minority language communities.

  • 2014

    In 2014 we've grown fast

    The past year has challenged us to diversify our portfolio as we hone our product offerings. Our mission is to provide excellent language and educational resources to equalize achievement between deaf and hearing people, and between English and non-English speakers.

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